cul de sac sale

one of my favorite canadian ceramicists (and local too), laura mckibbon has just moved into a new studio and is having an open studio this coming saturday (august 18th) to celebrate. she will be selling lots of her very slight seconds and new work too. here's a couple pictures of some of her recent pieces.

cul de sac design sale (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
the mergatroid building
975 vernon drive, suite #240
vancouver, b.c., canada

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

oh my god these are so beautiful! i wish i could come to the sale!

cindy said...

i love her work. i've been meaning to check out those studios as well. thanks jan for the info.

Anonymous said...

you're from vancouver! and posting about vancouver! i'm so glad i found this blog. :)

Anonymous said...

They are so gorgeous! I love them!