book bags

vintage books made into bags. fabrics sewn inside with brick-a-brack or ribbon straps. from tizrah's etsy shop from albuquerque.

Jan Halvarson


Spray Glue said...

I absolutely love these bag/books. This is a good find. Recycled items that become useful again.


miarosa said...

Lovely blog!
Gonna have to add u!

Ruby said...

Hello there,

I was just popping by to tell you that I hav put you on my 'inspirations' list! I hope you don't mind!

I would be honoured if you could check out my site!

Good luck and Keep up the fantastic work on your blog!

Anonymous said...

i love these even more than the totes made from old record albums.

very very excellent!

laissezfaire said...

these are lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love these--they're so creative! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These book bags are great, but I have to say, these are my favorites:
Check out her book bags when you have a sec.