new schtuff at made

Always so fun to see what is new at MADE in Toronto. They sent along a few pictures and it's never disappointing, always unique and innovative pieces they select supporting emerging designers in Canada. The first picture (above) is of Urban Product's "Schtick" Magnetic Clothes Valet made of hockey sticks.
U.P. is Stephen Lindsay. Originally from Glasgow but now quite Canadian. The schtick suspends from the ceiling with a high power magnet that allows for movement and easy to detach.

The second is Jennifer Grahams Porcelain "Gravity Bowl". The bowl is moulded in textile and the surface print is achieved by impregnating a textured fabric with glaze and then pressing it onto the bowl.

And Halifax based Amy Belangers Screen printed and stitched Textile Animal Pins (Adorable!) paired with Katy Chan's hand felted pouches.

Jan Halvarson


erika said...

those screenprinted animals in combination with the felt is really lovely.

Heather Moore said...

Your new-look blog is just gorgeous! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

i like those hangers!