mob - modern objects of beauty

modern objects of beauty are traveling salon-style shows which bring individual and sophisticated work to the design hungry for the sheer love of it. these curated events showcase the designers and artists that are laying the foundation for the future of design both internationally and here in canada. mob is committed to exposing its public to new ways of thinking and a new roster of talent.

formed in 2005 by denise kaplan & michelle rothstein, with combined backgrounds in design, film, TV and event staging, their curatorial skills are unique, unpretentious and loaded with a sense of humour.

they have also been selected to be the sole retailer at this year's iidex show where they will be selling the works of many amazing canadian designers and artists. they are adding new pieces to their website everyday and are always looking for new designers.

the first image above are assorted panels by miriam grenville. made from masonite with acrylic, charcoal and spray paint.

ceramic nesting bowls by jennifer graham

pinched bowls by coe & waito (each hand built and unique)

barry white chair by jessica lertvilai, (baltic birch plywood walnut)

3 x 3 by rick ivey (9 block shelving unit with steel frame, walnut and steel)

tea party still life #2 by andrea chin (tea service, vase vacuum-formed under a sheet of polystyrene)

Jan Halvarson


Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

I absolutely love the pinched bowls by coe & waito:-)
Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

I adore those nesting ceramics, they look so fragile and beautiful, all of the items on this post are lovely though.

Anonymous said...

love it all, esp those nesters!