made - two new installations

ryan legassicke (left image) and lois schklar (right image) are both artists who examine the impact of moments in time and it's distillation into memory. documenting his original street installation photographed over several months, ryan has built a new layered environment of both images and the physical within the confines of a small room. his goal, to create, record and occasionally blur moments in time while providing a way to experience ourselves becoming involved in these moments.

circular memories is lois' ongoing series of three dimensional drawings. practicing her art in small, personal objects that can be held or touched, these intimate objects have the potential to elicit both an emotional and intellectual discourse. lois then investigates and manipulates diverse and often disparate materials, the relationship objects have with one another and the physical and psychological space they occupy.

MADE cooler: ryan legassicke: overgrown
showroom: lois schklar: circular memories
july 19 - sept. 01, 2007
opening reception: thursday, july 19th 7-9 pm
MADE 867 dundas st. west, toronto, ontario, m6j 1v6

Jan Halvarson

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