d.i.y. floating mason jars

i had to post about this d.i.y. decor project from gardening life magazine (june '07 issue) where they create a shady retreat for a hot summer day. but what caught my eye were those hanging mason jars that you see floating in front of that white shade backdrop. they reminded me of laura normandin's bottle paintings (a bit). and such a great and affordable d.i.y. mini project. using canning jars, filling them with a few textural greens (like fern frond and begonia leaves) and hanging them by wrapping a piece of wire around the lip of the jar, then tie fishing line on three sides of the wire.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

oh jan. how to possibly catch up with you? too much goodness to even try.

so simply thank you. you find such treats [gocco love!!]

Unknown said...

that is pretty cool!

Jan Halvarson said...

hey lisa - cool you're back - hope you had a good trip!

platinum blonde - thanks for stopping by!