new five and a half

love the ordinary-ness (word?) of these new journals by five and a half. 80 pages of sugarcane and recycled text weight paper for all your notes and doodles, inside flaps and envelopes for your ticket stubs and receipts. All in a sturdy textured canvas paper cover with a pen loop so you won’t have to go searching for something to write with, and a clasp closure to keep everything safely tucked away. to get you started, they’re adding an old-school pencil and eraser, like the ones used in grade school.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

this would make a fun travel journal!

Anonymous said...

I love the covers on these, perfect for travelling.

andrea said...

love these journals! just this past sunday, five and a half had a page in the back of JPG magazine on how to make your own journals with your photos... very straightforward directions, can't wait to try it out! and if I never have time, then I guess I'll just have to buy one of these. :)

so much good stuff on your blog, jan. always, always, always! you never disappoint.