new feature - cool blog of the week

i've decided to add a new feature here, "cool blog of the week". it seems like i just can't keep up with all the blogs coming at me and to keep track and to do a post or to update my template is just about becoming nearly impossible or so it seems. so as a way to plug all those great blogs out there and to recognize and support them, i've dedicated a page to these weekly picks which will be chosen every thursday and posted on my sidebar as well. the blog chosen will be welcome to post this little banner (below) to let their readers know they've been picked.

so the first one i'd like to introduce the jotter blog, and as their tag explains what they are all about, "write here, write now" (always loved that jesus jones song), there is no other explanation needed.

so check back here every thursday for a new cool blog of the week!

Jan Halvarson


Delaney Gates said...

Oh how lovely! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

· { Jan thanks for always wonderful and cool links, happy weekend } ·

Fiona Cartolina said...

Hey, I want a felt penant with my name on it - that's way cool!

cat collier martinez said...

mosdef a cool new feature, keepin' it real is great! i mean you can only do what you can do:)