my my, a longtime favorite on the web for handmade items is now also a small boutique in pennsylvania ! owner taryn hipp decided to celebrate my my's 3rd birthday by setting up shop at 15 byberry road in hatboro , pa ! the small shop features handmade clothing, jewelry, fanzines, purses & more by over 100 indie crafters, artists & zinesters! with plans for my my mini fair featuring local crafters, weekend craft skillshares for adults and children & art shows featuring some of the up & comers in the underground art scene, my my is bringing new life to a small town once known as a supplier of hats during the revolutionary war. this is a handmade revolution & my my is on the front line! can’t make it to the shop? don’t worry, taryn says she intends to continue offering mail orders through the website, for more information about my my or to get directions or order online visit

taryn hipp at or 215-385-2234
MY MY Art + Craft, 15 Byberry Road, Hatboro Pennsylvania .
june hours are tuesday through saturday 10-8pm
for info about vending the MY MY Mini Fairs please email

Jan Halvarson

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I like the idea of a handmade revolution bringing life back into an old town...wishing 'mymy' every success!