stina persson in ny

i received an email from one of my favorite illustrators, stina persson based in stockholm who will be having a solo exhibit "immacolata and her friends" at the gallery hanahou in new york, may 24th - july 6th, 2007.

she'll be presenting some 30 original pieces portraying angelic-but-crude women in ink, watercolor and paper collage.

"the images originate froma series of sicilian women stina created for the german magazine squint, which was inspired by the dramatic names of the italian south - immacolata, gelsomina, archangela. the spirit of sicily, a place that houses beauty and darkness in equal measure, is reflected in the striking directness of persson's artistic approach.

would love to see these in person.

stina persson
gallery hanahou

Jan Halvarson

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Anonymous said...

I too received an e-mail from Stina, unfortunately I do not have the time or $$$ to see her show in New York.

Her work is amazing! It is featured in the age of feminine drawing, a book on my wishlist!

cheers from Amsterdam!