obey in seattle

on may 18th, the war room in seattle will be having an art opening featuring new obey propaganda to celebrate their two year anniversary. (also, you can buy this hope print (below) to help support the cause for the darfur genocide. 100% of the money from this print goes to the HOPE campaign.

the war room, 722 east pike street, seattle, wa

Jan Halvarson


kay w. said...

my boss is actually the majority owner of the war room here in seattle, and it's great to see their art events announced on the web in various places that one would (nearly) last expect. although the club is mainly known for the live music, all the owners and investors in the club are deep into the local art scene in seattle and have been trying to push more art culture into the community. it's just awesome to see that their efforts get picked up!


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that these prints are so decorative that on first view, it may be difficult to spot the propaganda message.