new absolute zero degrees at maxalot

have a look at absolute zero degree's new print design for maxalot in barcelona. always dreamy and playful, absolute's papers bring a surprise and lightness to a room.
absolute zero degrees

Jan Halvarson


holly* said...

i love that paper. its so refreshing to see all the great new paper coming out, especially considering the lull there was from about 1976 untill 2003.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for featuring us. Hollystar thanks for the comment - glad you like it so much.
Best wishes to all Poppy readers.

Anonymous said...

I love how the big print look perfectly non-clashing and fresh in the room.

Anonymous said...

do you know who makes that sideboard with the glass doors?

Anonymous said...

Hi meredith - the sideboard is an item from Habitat about 10 years ago - it was actually office furniture from our old studio. It is no longer for sale in thei collection.
Best wishes
BTW thanks Crustation for your comment.

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks keith!