MADE presents Kristiina Lahde

By altering and cutting, Canadian artist, Kristiina Lahde takes everyday commerce to utopian architecture.

Once designed to conceal their contents, Kristiina Lahde assembles and re-works ordinary bank envelopes and repositions them as the architectural building blocks for a new installation at MADE Design opening May 31/07 in Toronto, Canada. The envelopes have been torn open and stapled together in intricate individual units within a complex pattern that makes a sphere, reminiscent of the famous building created by Buckminster Fuller for Expo '67 in Montreal.

Kristiina's work is a reaction to her immediate experiences mostly relating to how and where she lives and works. She uses everyday things that are usually considered mundane, such as advertising fliers, post-it notes, used envelopes, computer paper and packing foam.

With a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Kristiina's work as a conservator for the Royal Ontario Museum informs much of her working progress.

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Jan Halvarson

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Anonymous said...

I know you love Stina Perssons artwork. She just sent me pictures from the exhibition in New York, in case you´re interested. I have posted them on my blog. Kind regards, Pethra