cassette illustration wall art panel

more fun wall art coming from local photographer designer roger allen, with these being my favorite so far, cassette illustrations! made with ink and paint and then scanned. print is made with epson ink on fade resistant paper and then mounted onto a wood panel, the sides of the panel are painted with a vibrant yellow colour. $25 - follow the links to take you to his etsy shop.

Jan Halvarson


PeachPoPs said...

Totally unique artwork! This really grabbed my attention. Thank-you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so eighties! This rocks!

It makes me think of a friend of mine, who got a mix tape from his new girlfriend last year. The only problem was, he couldn't play it, as he doesn't own a cassettte player (who does, these days?) but he was too embarrassed to tell her. So he actually downloaded all the songs (lucky she had made a play list!) and put them in his iPod, so he could tell her he had listened to her tape. She never knew anything about it. :-)