canadian h & h - favorite pages (may)

a few of my favorite pages from this past may's canadian house and home magazine:

this den of a green designed home designed and owned by two canadian architects, janna levitt and dean goodman, outfitted with a vintage mies van der rohe chair and a wall of family portraits.

i don't think i could ever maintain a kitchen this slick, but i love the simple design aesthetics, by architect john hix. (his house on a lush puerto rican island).

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Very nice wall of framed art and a kitchen that looks like a beautiful painting!

Katie said...

Oh I love Hix's house. My husband and I almost went to Vieques for our honeymoon. We ended up going elsewhere, but staying at the Hix Island house is definitely on the top of our list for our next vacation!!!

Susan Schwake said...

i love this kitchen - slick and all!

bronwyn said...

I love that clean concrete style