affordable art at domino (7 were poppy's "etsy picks of the day"!)

check out domino magazine's affordable prints guide they have online. so many pieces to sift through, i'm thrilled 7 out of the 15 chosen were my etsy picks of the day or poppy posts! (my links below):

baby blue fine art
wood type collage by greenchair press
rainy prints
maditi's polaroid postcards
sugarloop (different color)
tara hogan
dkim (same artist)

Jan Halvarson


Heather Moore said...

Wow! You're a powerful lady. I'll be nice to you...

Caroline said...

You have good taste. ;)

Anonymous said...

That was a great gallery ... I enjoy your daily picks! -- Louise


Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

You have the best picks hands down and thanks for all your support with us Etsy people!

- Brittany

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!

Blogging Masterclass said...
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Blogging Masterclass said...
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Blogging Masterclass said...

I'll try that again! So anyway, thanks for writing about my article over on Domino, Jan. I am a customer of both Maditi and Sugarloop, both are great ladies. I highly suggest them.

Just to let you know in case you didn't see them all, there are actually 15, not 12. I'm sure you've heard of them all by now though, they've all been splashed on the homepage over at at one time or another.

Okay, so take care!


Jan Halvarson said...

heather - you're funny
caroline, louise and brittany - thanks
mattie - thanks for stopping by

holly - thanks for correcting me on the amount. yes maditi and i go way back and have been corresponding for a long time and i too have her beautiful work. and of course who could not love sugarloop.

as i'm at etsy on a daily basis i have seen the others from time to time and in fact have apak's xmas cards on my xmas card showcase i did last fall and also john w. golden has also been highlighted here, i guess i should've added their links too. that would make it 9 out of 15. thanks for making me check that.

so many talented people!

thanks for stopping by holly!

lisa solomon said...

for some reason i landed there over the weekend while gone and i thought to myself - is jan picking these???

so funny. can't go wrong w/ your picks my friend

design*sponge said...

i thought the same thing lisa! i saw these and immediately thought, wait, are they sure jan didn't write this?

glad to see your work out there, even if it doesn't have your name on it ;)


Jan Halvarson said...

thanks lisa and grace, coming from both of you that means alot to me.

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to stick up for the decor8 writer, here. It's not nice to accuse someone of plagiarism, folks, even in this somewhat thinly veiled way, and frankly it seems very petty. I read a lot of the design blogs on a daily basis and see references to the same things in different blogs all the time. Just saying ... -- Joyce

Anonymous said...


I'd agree with you if the numbers weren't so clear (9 out of 15?). I don't think anyone's trying to attack either person, but I think we'd all feel a bit better if Domino or Decor8 had credited the pre-posted finds to Jan. Just because other people are using material without crediting the original source doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen --

I didn't mean to imply that plagiarism is ever OK! My point was that lots of the famous bloggers seem to receive much of the same information/material about new work/releases from artists, designers, etc. Anyhoo, I have no inside information about any of this. All I can actually say is that I enjoy poppytalk, decor8, design*sponge, etc., and probably a little too much, according to my bank account! Thanks for sharing your point of view.



You have great taste, Jan. :)

andrea said...

wow, look what happens when I fall behind with my blog reading!

I feel the need to hold my tongue here, but 9 out of 15? I'm just saying.

(jan, you have such the keen eye. it's one of the many reasons why I have loved you from day one)