new at rockett st george

jane from rockett st. george emailed me today with a pdf full of lovely new products she wants us to know about on their online store. like this set of 6 tea time napkins (above), featuring charming line drawings of teacups, plates and cutlery. also available in a matching tablecloth.

and this festoon, which is a metre of gorgeousness made out of shells, beads and pearls. use it as a table decoration, wrap it around a candle or napkin, or dangle from a mirror (like above).

or some text wall stickers which can create an immediate impact with very little effort or mess.

and i couldn't resist these lovely pink silicone cupcake (re-usable) muffin cases. great for home baking, simply bake (up to 500 degrees F) and then wash to use again.

Jan Halvarson

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