made outdoor space show

i'm making a sneak appearance here (on my break, ha!) to post these pictures i just got from MADE in toronto from their outdoor space opening last week. featuring these adorable bird tents. they look so fun! dieter janssen worked with many different military camo patterns.

these coe & waito owl lights are apparantly mind blowing in person. they are approx. 8" high and give amazing light that shows through the hand carved parts of the porcelain as well as through the openings.

the "holey stump" has storage spots sized for your bottle of wine or a few bottles of beer. pink and orange versions are also available.

castor's stone stool is hand carved from a single block of stone.

also some shots of the interior show within their ancient walk-in cooler. eva and kris from tsunami glassworks came through with some amazing prototype lighting that actually raises its own wheatgrass. you just need to add a little water every few days. the wheat grass lamps were combined with some of their blade-like tube vases in grassy colours.

MADE Design Website

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

i cant find those owl lights on the made website or the coe and waito site.. help?
are they already gone?

coe&waito said...

Sorry, we don't have the owls up on our website yet. If you are interested in ordering them, you can contact us at


Anonymous said...

I love the owl lamps!

Anonymous said...

I love the owl lights, they are so cute! The wheatgrass lamps are gorgeous, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Lots of cool stuff there! I especially love the wheatgrass lamps (what an idea, I wonder how they thought of that?) and the owl lamps!