elizabeth burritt

back from a nice spring break and thanks for visiting here! it's great to be back with a fresh outlook and new some new finds! firstly, on a recent visit to the emily carr institute of at & design's grad art show here in vancouver. i came across a beautiful ceramic vase, which if you read in a post below, i couldn't find the name of it's designer. well coincidentally i made a trip down to granville island to visit the b.c. ceramics gallery and was excited to find it's designer there being featured as april's emerging new artist. her name is elizabeth burritt and her ceramics are available through the b.c. potters guild.

using an image transfer process, she applies her urban scenic illustrations onto these elongated rectangular ceramic vases. images of power poles, barbed wire and bare trees on the smooth ceramic surface are portrayed in a way that bring beauty to something often thought of as an eye sore of the urban canvas.

b.c. potters guild and gallery, vancouver, b.c.

Jan Halvarson


Claire said...

Thanks for sharing, I love these vases. I like the stark feel even with the intricate linework of the transfer.

mommy zabs said...

welcome back! I love your new banner :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting vases, I like the one with the bike.
Love your new header too!

lisa solomon said...

wow. so so so so good.

nice to have you back jan!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I love utility poles!