i received an email from nina of wonderwall in "snowy stockholm" as she put it. she advised me that their wonderwall site is now available in english!

they print on thick high quality paper with the best of colours that withstands aging. they have everything from beatles lyrics (all of them) from a-z in order, artwork from cilla ramnek that you can make into wallpaper (build 3 or 6 in a row or as many as you like to fit together) and my favorite, the colt running (as seen above) by maja sten. thanks nina!

Jan Halvarson


** Terramia ** said...

That colt (or foal) is my absolute favourite by Maja as well. Freedom runs with horses...

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I was so surprised to see the top picture, as I have actually slept in the room with the tiled wall! It is a photo studio where a friend of mine works and some times throws great parties. The other photo, on the parking lot, is just outside the window of the studio. I don't know why I'm telling you this, I guess I was a little chocked... :-)