vintage etsy

some favorites i picked out of the vintage section at etsy today. there are always such amazing finds there and these are still up for grabs!

vintage letters from bluebellebazaar
barn owl wooden laquered dish from wundercabinet
tv set viewmaster style vintage viewer from joules
cake stand from illusiveswan
vintage 50s fortune napkin dispenser metal sign from covetablecuriosities
60's duelling cowboys pendant from covetablecuriosities

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Someone beat me to buying the owl tray :-)
I love vintage owls!

Jan Halvarson said...


Cally said...

wow LOVE your blog!

Rhonna said...

ooo, love these! thanks!

lisa solomon said...

oh stop - like i need more encouragement? / caitlin said...

hooray for etsy vintage! glad to see we're still allowed!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, I love vintage stuff and what a shame the owl tray is gone :(

Tavia said...

very cute blog! I love vintage and vintage inspired! I also LOVE etsy.