stencil paintings

i really like the idea behind these stencil paintings i found over at etsy this weekend.

original painting on wood. made with spray paint on primed wood from stencils designed and created by the artist. 6" wide, 4.25" tall, .75" thick. faced with a glossy finish and ready to hang.

each painting handmade & one of a kind. signed & dated on the back.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I love paintings on wood, I think this collection looks best when displayed together.

Anonymous said...

These paintings are great! I usually only see art like this spray-painted on walls and such. I would love to have this for my livingroom!

mommy zabs said...

do you know a good place to get something that would be like a stencil (but very super cool one) for your wall to paint a really cool pattern? I feel like they make these things super modern somewhere, but have no clue how to find it. i figured if anyone knew you would! Email me when you get the chance. I'm looking for inspiration for my dining room.

i consider you the design encyclopedia of the internet :)