spring at MADE (sneak peek)

MADE welcomes spring with a new installation and the launch of their outdoor space. opening, april 5th at MADE in toronto.

a collection of furniture and accessories that explore areas of sustainability; multifunciton; a fresh look at some traditional skills and forms; and the beauty found in nature.

included, a camouflage house for birds created by architect dieter janssen and a delicate observation of owls, slip cast in porcelain as oil lamps by coe and waito. a cedar table constructed by co-owner, shaun moore with ready made saw-horse brackets and incorporating an historical design element with a twist.

holtz and metal present 'is' the ideal source deck chair - an exploratory foray by two furniture designers and an arborist into local level sustainability. also, 'holey stump', a log which has been drilled through providing a combination of storage and seating or table surface for both indoors and outdoors by patrick turner of studio thout.

there's so much more and i look forward to the MADE people sending some close-ups as soon as they have them.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

oh! i had no idea about made... thanks for the tip

Lilian Montes said...

They were at The Design Bienal Event in St Etienne, right?
Or I must make a confusion...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

hi! I've just find your blog! congratulations and thanks for such inpiring things