my 1st post in sweden

my first post is up at emma's blogg, featuring canadian ceramic artist, rebecca robbins and her ceramics in a graffiti way.

read it here.

(update: i had the unfortunate news that rebecca lost her fight with cancer this past winter, and i thought i'd leave up this post in memory and that her work should not be forgotten).

Jan Halvarson

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The Blue Parrot said...

I am a (new) clay gallery owner down in Texas and just discovered Rebecca's work today while doing research on the Net. I was looking forward to contacting her this week for work for the gallery until I saw the "RIP" on her website home page. I've been searching for the last hour trying to find anything that would confirm Rebecca had died and I finally found your blog note. Thank you. And what a shock - she was so young. I'm sorry I will never get to know this wonderful potter. I would like to acquire some of her work for our permanent gallery collection. Do you know where I might find any?