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(taken from my post at beyond robson this past sunday)

i first came across the works of hob snobs last summer at paper-ya down in granville Island. hob snobs is a vancouver-based art & design collective with a love of craft. they make a charming, eclectic, and fashionable mix of items for the home, closet and everyday living. from journals to ties, everything is handmade with a unique canadian influence.

hob snobs includes sasha barry (track and field designs), heather emery (pudding products), carley hodgkinson (hodgkinson design), and valerie thai (cabin + cub design).

from valerie thai (cabin.etsy.com)

random Images + thoughts journal (above photo) - (craft coloured lined journals featuring actual recycled clippings of vintage books and paper on the covers. each one is one of a kind. a ribbon bookmark is also included to keep track of your random
ideas + thoughts).

wood pencil case - (Each box features a woodburned design, with an added surprise inside. designs include bird + cracked egg, squirrel + nut, and mouse + flower).

from heather emery (pudding products):

refurbished men’s tie - (vintage ties are hand stencilled and embroidered with a variety of flora and fauna motifs. available at motherland and devil may wear art & fashion emporium - retail $40-60)

sort of fancy barrettes - (fibrous and fluffy barrettes in a wide variety of colors and styles. available at devil may wear art & fashion emporium and chickpea - retail $10-15).

stencilled pencil bag - (hand stencilled images on pre-fab bags. owls, tigers, and airplanes, to name a few. available at bookmark @ vpl and furniture salad, 4055 macdonald st, van. 604.732.7712- retail $16-18)

from sasha barry (trackandfielddesigns.etsy.com)

chickadee brooches and owl brooches - (a lovely selection of little silkscreened chickadee brooches and hand sewn owl brooches to brighten your day. no two are alike! *these pins are currently the "product of the month" at the petri
dish here in Vancouver!!! - there are some wonderful photos on the website: thepetridish.ca.

screenprinted chickadee prints - (sweet little chickadees to decorate your walls. silkscreened on felt. assorted colours); screenprinted squirrels and deer pencil cases.

you can watch some of their works on living vancouver from cbc where they are featured at a local store, the petri dish.

unfortunately the wonderful and talented carley has not sent any images at press time so I may have to post about her soon!

hobsnob's website

Jan Halvarson

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