puckish bungees

how can you not want a bag that has bungee cords for straps? that was my first reaction when i saw these puckish handbags by seattle-based designers puckish.

i'm just imagining this bag bouncing along it's merry way. they're available at buy olympia along with their other screenprinted bag and t-shirt designs.

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

:) when first read this on the feed page i though??? bungee cords, i'm going to have to see it first.
i clicked the link... and i love it! how cute! you always find the neatest things :)

Anonymous said...

cool design - love the bungee cord straps!!

lisa solomon said...

OH MY.... love this
[your feed has been down in my bloglines so i am just now catching up - damn bloglines!!]