new nebo peklo

i am really liking the new works by glasgow's natalie of nebo peklo. the ochres and teals along with the black outline give these watercolors on canvas a mid-century feel to them.

the combination of delicate lines, and subtle splatters layered over the dreamy gradations that watercolors naturally bring, work so well with the flower forms she has become known for.

her complete new works can be viewed at her flickr set here.

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

i love this!

Anonymous said...

oh thank you Jan!

I love seeing the painting in your polaroid format :)

I also love that you see mid-century in my work - it is such a compliment to me since I love anything mid-century!

Thanks again

N x

lisa solomon said...

me too... i love her new work - it's just stunning!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, love the ink splashes.