coe & waito

ceramic pine cones by canadian designers, coe & waito.

these look unbelievably real. hand-built, apparantly coe & waito work with real pine cones in front of them to get the truest scale correct. another beautiful addition to the acorns i wrote about at design sponge's guest blog in january.

(via the canadian design resource).

Jan Halvarson


** Terramia ** said...

Oh, they make such delightful stuff. I did a post on the Toronto duo Alissa and Carly way back when, but I forgot how enchanting their creations really are... always nice to be refreshed with such beauty.

Check out their blogspot for more info on their delightful ceramics:

Glad they are getting lots of coverage! (:


Anonymous said...

I remember the acorns, and I have seen these pine cones before, but I had forgotten all about them. They really are lovely! Thanks for reminding me.

lisa solomon said...


Di Overton said...

I found these a while back and lostg the link. Thanks

Anonymous said...

oh just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

so very beautiful!!