om home - website launch

out of montreal, om home has just launched their online website. funny, as i was just about to feature their pillows in my "etsy pick of the day" !

love the new site design (the flash intro is so cute), and the C.C.F.C., the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club Pillows are such a great design.

See them here and their etsy shop! (via

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

oh. i'm so into the b/w thing right now.... it's so graphic....

Oorbee said...

Hi Jan!

Thank you so much for posting OM home on your fabulous blog, what an honor!

Please come visit us at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, Feb 22-25, we're in the Studio North Section, Booth 1. We love visitors!

Thank you!
Oorbee Roy

Anonymous said...

What beautiful patterns and designs!