wood burning

i remember my brother getting a woodburning kit for christmas one year. what i would give to see some of those creations today and wonder what ever happened to them. i still remember the smell of that tool and how i wish it was still around. getting inspriation from these local woodburning gals, i'm having a whirlwind of woodburning visions from plaques, trays and pencil cases. on my hunt a few links to share if you are like-minded:

carving patterns, creative woodburning kit (i'm especially liking this one with the basswood country rounds); the woodburner (a great resource on pyrography). also check out this cute little woodburnt welcome sign by bella dia i found on flickr!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

very cool kit!! would be very popular where I live ;)

Anonymous said...

I want this kit, I remember the only thing I ever burned onto a piece of wood as a child was my name :)

lisa solomon said...

oh golly. do i need to pick up another craft? :D