tna - call for submissions

tna is a canadian west coast clothing company. they support and are inspired by local artists and like to be an active part in the north west coast culture.

so they are asking for submissions for their submissions series. as stated on their website, "vancouver is the backdrop of tna, the landscape that inspires us to create. as the core of that landscape, we want to see the north west coast through your eyes. show us what inspires, drives and excites you... or what flat out makes you laugh. submit your beautiful photos, amazing illustrations and great graphics. we’ll take our favourites and showcase them through our website, stickers and posters and show the world what makes our north west coast culture so incredible."

they also have the most amazing long and comfortably thin t-shirts!

{this image submitted to tna by lukas geronimas at}

Jan Halvarson


Karla Dudley said...

Wow thanks for sharing this! My girls from L2S would love this. They are all located in Canada. Hope you don't mind if I send them the link! -Karla

** Terramia ** said...

Love TNA... I love to support a local company that takes pride in their cityscape. Not to mention, the clothing is super comfortable.

The beautiful West Coast of BC... how can one NOT be inspired... ?!
We are so blessed...