the big little show

man oh man will everybody just stop creating such amazing art? i can't seem to keep up to all this amazing work. and now our calgarian neighbors have to have the big little show!

and what a show! if only i had million dollars. not that the prices are unobtainable, really, rather reasonable for what you're getting (prices range from $30 - $350 canadian)! it's just that i want all of them. everything! well, maybe the next best thing is to hang them on my blog. great works, including, camilla engman, brian razska, rj (rob)wilman, kirstie tweed, lisa brawn, dena seiferling, lisa congdon, elesavet lawson, jayson fuerstenberg, stefanie augustine and last but not least, vancouver's own, mia hansen.

images shown: (top) kirstie tweed and (bottom) lisa congdon. everything for sale online.

uppercase this looks like a great big little show!

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

you know - we SHOULD have a million dollars! :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for mentioning me!


I agree with you, jan. Ever since I started blogging I wish I had a million dollars and a huge cabinet, there are just too many good stuff around! :)