banner love

thanks sfgirlbybay for her "shout out" on her banners we love post!

my banner re-do's are my only creative outlet it seems lately, and it's cool to get feedback.

(for those of you interested) a little background on this vintage felt pennant. it was one that hung in my siblings room when we were younger, with the name of our hometown across it. i just switched it to poppy as i loved the thing, and it related to what i'm finding aesthetically pleasing these days (mid-century fonts and illustrations). that's usually the push i need to make a new banner. i see something i dig and i want to somehow bring that to my banner design. so whenever you see a change, its a design trend i'm leaning towards or want to learn more about.

Jan Halvarson


Kristin Loganbill said...

i love your banner and what you have to say about moving from inspiration to creation.


I always enjoy seeing your banner changing from time to time, jan. Thanks for sharing your inspiration behind it.

sfgirlbybay said...

it is my very favorite banner of the moment, so you are quite welcome for the 'shout out'. makes me want to re-invent mine!

Anonymous said...

I meant to mention earlier how much I love this banner - & for it to have a history for you makes it that much cooler.

lisa solomon said...

you make the BEST banners!!

thanks for explaining this one a bit... can this be a new feature? :)

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks people! and lisa - good idea!