art stream studios

i received an email from susan out of new hampshire who has an online shop called, art stream studios.

they carry a few lines of letterpress and other types of handmade cards as well as handmade one of a kind fine art and crafts and even an "art under $30" collection for entry level art collectors.

one of the card lines we are familiar with egg press (which i've already included in my 2006 posts) but did not include their animal holiday collection (see racoon image) which artstream carries.

the other is pink bathtub designs (mittens) which are all block printed by hand in pittsburg. pink bathtub design will be at the handmade arcade in pittsburgh, november 11th, 2006 (11 am - 7 pm).

thanks susan!

Jan Halvarson


kickpleat said...

that racoon card is amazing! love it.

Susan Schwake said...

thanks so very much for the shout out! you're the best!

lisa solomon said...