mxyplyzyk (for those of you who were wondering, is pronounced: mix-ee-pliz-ik, inspired by a character in early superman comics) is an online store full of quirky yet well designed products out of greenwich village.

i guess i do crave the organic beauty of natural wood (i seem to post alot about it), and now with the precision of LED displays, this block of clock. $185

"a replica of the cardboard cup commonly used by panhandlers on the streets of ny, this leather change purse can actually change things for the better: a portion of sales benefits HELP USA, which has assisted and empowered homeless people since 1986." $28

these multi-dot storage containers would look pretty cheery when opening up the fridge. made of melamine, each have a fitted translucent plastic lid. set of three. $32

this takeout menu organizer is the best organizing thing ever. design by Knock Knock.

3-ring binder 12" x 11" x 2"; 30 clear sleeves; six plastic tabs; 38 cuisine organizer labels; 30 order pads; rakeout service record stickies, dry-erase pens. $32

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Jan Halvarson

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