holiday sneak peek?

ok, it's october 24th and i just received my first christmas holiday advertisement e-mail! crate and barrel has jumped, so does that mean it's time to follow? yikes! well just as a sneak peek, i'm buying into these vintage glitter snowflake ornaments. (or the idea anyway). made of paper, glass and wire. $12.95

(psssst! stay tuned effective the first week of november where i "will" jump and start posting about all my favorite holiday cards!)

Jan Halvarson


Erin said...

MOMA sent their email out a couple weeks ago. Yikes, indeed!

Anonymous said...

It IS a bit early, but honestly I don't mind. It's nice to start thinking about the holidays but not feel the pressure yet to get ready. I love those glitter snowflakes - I made something similar a few years back with snowflake templates cut out of cardstock, spray adhesive and lots of glitter. Martha has a template on her website.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that Christmas preparations start the day after my birthday, which is Oct. 17. I'm allowed to listem to Christmas carols and start making my cards then :)