this capitol hill motel holgaroid is just one amongst the many for sale over at somavenus.com out of portland, oregon.

i also like her selection of collage packs, found photos and found postcards.

is there such a thing as a holgaroid?

Jan Halvarson


Natalie said...

oooh, holgaroids are great. it's a medium format holga camera with a mounted polaroid backing. the produce these wonderful square polaroids. you can find them online fairly easily - generally for around 90 bucks. the film it takes tends to be harder to find - but all in all they are a ton of fun.

Anonymous said...

the perfect combination of two perfect cameras ;) thank´s for the link!!

andrea said...

ohoooohhhhh! I do love this link. not sure which is more exciting-- the holgaroids or the collage packs... love. do you know, is there such thing as a holgaroid?