having fun, send frames

today in townecars is in need of 230 frames for a special project it looks like, or maybe it's just for fun. whatever the case, i am also for projects that require a little reaching out. he's also offering: (24) packages of unused thumbtacks (40) ct. ea. & (380) 4" x 6" color snapshots (which look rather good by the way).

(via hulaseventy)

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

This is so random and funny, not to mention intriguing.

andrea said...

thank you so much for linking this, jan. I talked to my brother the other day and he was still quite cryptic about the project (future installation?)... at any rate, if the photos that he's offering are of trucks, then that's a nice trade. been wanting to get my hands on some of those myself!