i've been a fan of eduardo bertone since i happened upon his work last year. i was thrilled to see he has an exhibition coming up in madrid (from 26 oct. to 5 nov.) with fellow artists, martin bochicchio (who has a beautiful online portfolio - see links below) and rafael bertone. the exhibition is called, "ConFusion" (mixed media on wood).

ConFusion is an artistic collective motivated by the visual invasion that we suffer in our society. conFusion is: eduardo bertone, martín bochicchio and rafael bertone. all are self-taught artists, who's work is fused in one exhibition:

Espacion Menos1 Gallery
c/ La Palma 28 (Madrid). Tribuna / Noviciado
Inauguration: 26th october / 20:00 h.

Eduardo Bertone ---
Martín Bochicchio ---
Rafael Bertone ---

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

let's go to madrid! :D

Jan Halvarson said...

: D

Anonymous said...

I've seen his ( Eduardo Bertone ) exhibtion earlier, wow.