call for submissions!

i am on the hunt for the best, greatest, coolest holiday cards on the planet to post here on poppy during the month of november! i've got a few good ones stashed away for posting, but sometimes i don't have the time to find all the greatness out there!

so if you are an independant card maker, be it, gocco, screenprinted, letterpressed, felt or some media never ever seen and feel your cards need to be seen and heard here on poppy, please email me links or images (remember not huge files) as soon as possible! to make things easier, if you can also include where people can purchase your stuff online or a link to a retail or postal address. i will make a deadline of november 5th!

e-mail me by clicking here! looking forward to seeing all your submissions!

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

oh - it's that time again, huh?

better get on it... holiday cards.... :} i'm working on one!!

Anonymous said...

my friend Erica Hernandez designed these fabulous digital greeting cards that just require a picture to be added...I love them!

Anonymous said...

I will send you some .... ;-}

Anonymous said...

this sounds interesting. I'll try to remember to do it over the next couple of days.

if I forget you can see some of my work at my etsy the process of setting it up. email me if you would like more info.