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i regrettably was unable to get to the vancouver home and interior design show this past weekend. and am really crushed i was unable to see bark's all terrain cabin especially. so i thought the next best thing was to feature a few of my favorite contributors (products that were featured in the cabin). atc is a "a cabin, using the standard ISO shipping container as the basis for the structure and outfitting it totally with canadian design and technology. the result is as smart as it is efficient, suitable for a family of four and a pet to live off the grid in comfort and contemporary style. it travels by train, truck, ship, airplane or helicopter, folded up and indistinguishable from any ordinary shipping container. once it arrives, it unfolds rapidly to 480sf of self-contained, sophisticated living space with all the comforts of home".

one of my favorites would have been karlin macaskill's hanging plywood ornaments (see above middle inset). macaskill is an industrial design student at the emily carr institute of art and design here in vancouver.

i would've also probably highlighted the matrio dining table by victor chan.

and very especially, the paper soft seating (left) by molo design.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

i need to win the lottery!

Anonymous said...

If you search the 30-day archive at, a couple of articles on the ATC from the Calgary paper will pop up. The search string is "all terrain cabin".

If such things interest you, you might want to compare the ATC to the tiny houses by Jay Shafer (Tumbleweed Tiny House Company) or the small version of the locally designed Glide House.

Anonymous said...

These look like big Moroccan poufs! Nice!

Anonymous said...

I also absolutely loved the wooden "stars" by Karling MacAskill. They're complex yet beautiful, mechanical yet elegant. I want some (or several...) for my home and office. Are they available online, or through a retail outlet?

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks marie - i'll check that out.

anonymous - if you click on the link to karlings macaskill's site and go to her contact - you may be able to get more info from her or where she may be selling them, but i have been unable to find them myself. hope that helps

Anonymous said...

I sell my stars at the Wood Co-op on Granville Island or you can write to me through the “contact” section on my website ( and order from me directly. The Wood Co-op often doesn’t have them in stock as they sell out fast so if you make orders from me directly I can get you exactly what you want!

I hope that helps, Thanks for your interest. I’m a graduating Emily Carr student so the positive feedback is great to hear!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Karling. With such talent, you have a promising future ahead of you. I'll stop-by the Granville Island Wood Co-op next time I'm in Vancouver. If they are sold-out, I'll contact you directly. Thanks again for responding!