i quite dig this company out of the u.k. called; they have some fantastic papergoods and textiles. two of my most favorite things for anyone who has read my blog knows how i like papergoods and cushions.

to start off the screenprinted cushions (top left, bottom middle) in their scenic, almost vintage postcard hues. my most favorite, protozoa and chamonix. all £39.00.

next (middle top), their line of indian notebooks. inspiration taken from exercise books made by hand and found in markets across india. £5.95

rescued paper notebooks (far top right) are made by hand in england using paper collected by members of sukie. each book is made from a specific type of paper, for example: artwork, paper pack wrappers, envelopes, paper bags and plans. £11.50

hard backed photo albums (bottom left) is covered in linen fabric and screen printed. they are block bound and contain 42 card pages printed with a flower border. £29.95

lastly, their lined exercise books (bottom right) have rounded corners and are divided in two. one half of the book contains lined paper while the other half is plain. available in red, blue, green & pink. £7.50

(via mukifuchic)

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

i love their stuff - i wish it was a bit easier to get on this continent!

Anabel said...

Great link!

LittleDoodles said...

I love their things too...finally some lovely paper goods you can get in the uk!

Anonymous said...

ohh, cool style!!

Unknown said...