robot pencil sharpener

if you are a robot fan like i am you are going to flip when you see this little robot pencil sharpener in action.

wind up the robot while sharpening a pencil or by using the winding key. it has special grips for holding pencils and you clean up shavings from the robot head.

the best desk accessory i've seen ever!

made by available at paper-ya, vancouver, canada. $5.95

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

That is just supercool! I wish it was available here in Sweden!

lisa solomon said...

um yeah. flipping !

andrea said...

I have this! we were at a local art supply store when ezra discovered it. I was afraid we wouldn't get out of the store without buying it but it was missing a part so the cashier gave it to us for a dollar! score! such a cool little thing. :)

kstyle said...

Too cute. I love it. You might like my post today. Manfred Klein dingbat font. k