pants to skirt workshop

breathe new life into tired or not-so-stylish pants through the timeless art of D.I.Y. designer keiko lee-hem will lead you through the steps to transform your pants into a skirt. abracadabra, it's like magic! bring the pants you'd like to work on and sewing supplies if you've got any (scissors, seam ripper, pins, measuring tape, embroidery thread, needle etc).

keiko has been a fearless D.I.Y-er since she got her first pair of fabric scissors back in 1991. when not busy learning the ropes of the publishing industry, or being co-maker of vein magazine, she designs and makes clothing for her wee clothing line. more info available at:

saturday, september 9 - $30 | 3 – 6 PM
call 604 872 8180 or email to register (

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

yeah. that's cool

andrea said...

I have such a thing for jeans that have been made into skirts. or corduroys that have been made into skirts... I suppose it's because I don't feel like I look good in jeans or corduroy pants but look better in skirts... best of both worlds for me. I've never made one myself, though. would love to try, even though I don't sew. I swear, worlds would open up to me if I could learn to make one of these... thrifting would be a completely different experience!

I also feel the exact same way about re-wiring lamps.