flavia del pra tiles

swoon times ten is what i have to say about these new tiles by designer flavia del pra that were just emailed to me from bodie and fou out of the u.k.

beautifully serigraphed these hand colored tiles would create an amazing touch to a bathroom, kitchen or even use as a trivit or coaster.

(15cm x 15 cm) 6"x 6" - price £32.00 bodieandfou.com

Jan Halvarson


LittleDoodles said...

Thanks for the link, there's some beautiful things on the site :)

lisa solomon said...

wow. wow. wow. [a doily?!?!?!]

Jan Halvarson said...

your welcome shoobydoo!

lisa - copying you i think!

andrea said...

if only! and by that I mean that the house we have moved into has green and white artichoke tiles in the kitchen, uuuggghhh! it's a great and spacious kitchen but I'm not sure how I'm going to problem-solve my way out of this one! especially since we're just renting... anyway... if only I could replace the horrible artichokes (nothing against artichokes) with these lovelies... *sigh*