tiny meat etsy shop

i was going to do an etsy run today and just kept on getting pulled in by all these fun proprietary laminate processed things from tinymeat's etsy shop out of vermont. made with a proprietary laminate process of sewing artwork and paint chip swatches or artwork between layers of clear vinyl.

it's blue and it's a wallet. (just in case you were wondering). inside there is a large pocket for your moolah and 4 pockets for your ID and cards.

and this scooter trash one is so nifty! a checkered motif and a lime green lambretta too!

sizes are 3.75 x 4.25 inches closed.

fun stuff and only $12 bucks!

Jan Halvarson

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lisa solomon said...

i am NOT going to try this at home. repeat repeat repeat :)

very cute