dermond peterson

thanks to design sponge for the tip on this dynamic textile duo dermond peterson design. i'd never heard of them before and was instantly impressed to see such gorgeous designs. i'm especially attracted to the red coral table runner (left) from their seaside line and this artichoke t-towel from their bumper crop line.

founded in 2001 by sisters, sandra dermond and susan peterson, dermond peterson design is an artisan/manufacturing company that combines the rich, tactile qualities of “fine-art” printmaking techniques with innovative and conceptual design strategies to produce fresh, functional textiles for everyday use at home.

read design sponge's coverage here where she also mentions she uses todd holland to buy her dermond peterson goods.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

ahhhh pinch me... it's all a dream

Anonymous said...

that coral table runner is so beautiful and cool ...