another sneak peek

ikea, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

browsing through the 2007 ikea press catalogue pdf's i downloaded (thanks to a special poppy reader); a few of my favorites:

1. klippan sofa in green
2. friel media storage (love the bottom part alone)
3. lunna svarta footstool and swivel armchair
4. lisbett tea towels (green)

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

omg i love that chair - the juxtaposition of the modern form with a more classic fabric is divine!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up, the whole catalogue is now available online at the US Ikea site. Different prices but probably very similar to the Canadian one I'm sure.

Jan Halvarson said...

jen - couldn't agree more!

anonymous - thanks - will check it out!

lisa solomon said...

oh my god i want that chair... where oh where could i put it??

andrea said...

with an impending move on the horizon, I got all excited about redecorating and had to make a trip to ikea. thinking about going with different colors and so I totally love the the new kipplan sofa cover in green. love that their slipcovers are so affordable so you can buy a solid one too and change them out when you feel like it. and I sat in the lunna svarta chair, love it. now I just need some money.