stencil project

this stenciling project from the june issue of style at home (a canadian decorating magazine) reminded me of weekend projects gone by and this one i just had to share.

i have a similar dresser like the one shown here (a hand-me-down from my sister via my grandmother), and have shared many a weekend projects with it. painting it white, then staining it dark brown, back to stripping it to its now natural wood. it used to have a swinging mirror which got lost in one too many moves; but nonetheless still a favorite and now a contestant for this stencil idea. i love everything about this project. the wall color; the hanging lamp, and mostly the tangerine stencil. i'm thinking about actually doing it (am i crazy from all this renovating? oh well, it's messy anyway.) here are the links to do it. (click on image to see a close-up).

stencil - stencil library birds & blossom no. 1 (JA114) $73 u.s.(cut) or $36 u.s. (uncut)
paint - loomis art store delta ceramcoat in tangerine
glass knobs - lee valley tools $3.10 each

Jan Halvarson


paperlily said...

I'd love to see that stencil done on another piece of white furniture in a deep shade of green.
(still happy you're back!)

Jan Halvarson said...

sounds nice!