i can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! back from our renovating adventure with ceilings now apart, electrical issues and so much more. i was hoping we'd have it all done by now, but that looks more like a summer adventure ahead. so i'm going to try to get back into posting in between reno jobs; work and the odd hopeful visit to the beach.

in my absence i managed to find a few good design things to share. first off with a detour to fontoville and some surfing baby and vertigo freebies for my alphabet friends!

and if you're really serious about it you have to take a look at the "unfreebies" carumba (love that word!) and elvis in stereo fonts!

some beautiful textiles coming out of toronto right now by illustrator, virginia johnson, former accessories designer for helmut lang.

according to canadian house and home mag, she is next focusing on developing housewares like quilts, ceramics, oven mitts and towels. her pillows now out are available at l'atelier, toronto (416) 966-0200.

i'm all about these posters from hammerpress out of kansas city.

designsponge did some great coverage of their work at the national stationery show in ny last month. read her article here.

amazing typography.

i like the idea of cath kidston being laura ashley's trippy fun cousin as commented in a recent post at apartment therapy.

her cowboy wallpaper is one of my faves.

speaking of children's wallpaper, absolute zero has some fun playtime wallpapers perfect for the nursery. the paper is wipeable (bonus!) too.

so much to catch up on and design to talk about i can't believe how much can happen in less than a month! looking forward to getting back on track!

Jan Halvarson


Funky Finds said...

LOVE the fonts! Thanks for the tip :) Glad you're back.

andrea said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! you're BACK!!! you've been missed, my friend. truly. and with all the fabulous linkage! you haven't lost your touch, that's for sure. :)


jon said...

welcome back! looking forward to seeing what goodies you have to share!

Anonymous said...

hooray!!!! I've so missed my poppy fix!
a in wonderland

Anabel said...


craftymodster said...

Jan, it sounds like you're neck deep in renos (I've been there), jobs and life, but I am thrilled you're back! I am an avid fan ever since I found you via the CD swap (you're so very welcome, was a blast!) a few months back. Now I don't know how I ever lived without your blogland of designership thrills (yay!). I must get one of your buttons someday.
xo -anjo

paperlily said...

Yeah, you're back!

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back in blogland! Missed you!

Anonymous said...

happy you´re back - I´ve missed all your daily and lovely finds :) virginia johnsons work is great!!!

Anonymous said...

yes! so glad to see you back...I have been checking in every few days to see if you had returned :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back! yay! so glad to see you back!

meridith said...

it's nice to see you back here!

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back! it's great to be back!